Spencer Fields is a Research Associate at Synapse Energy Economics, where he researches a number of topics within the electricity industry and produces reports for a range of clients. After graduating with a dual B.A. in Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies from Brown in 2012, Spencer went on to intern for the Climate and Energy program at the Worldwatch Institute and eventually the U.S. Senate, where he focused on renewable energy and natural resource policy. As a member of the CDL, Spencer attended COP17 in Durban, and contributed to several policy briefs examining climate finance for the Least Developed Countries. His undergraduate thesis, Capturing the Riches of Bolivia: Utilizing Historical and Contemporary Experience in Bolivian Mining to Inform Future Resource Policy, explores the cyclical nature of natural resource policy in Bolivia with an eye towards improving extractive policies in the future.

AdamKotinAdam Kotin is Policy Associate at the California Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN), where he focuses on clean energy policy and climate adaptation in California’s agricultural sector. Prior to this, he worked as a Consultant and Research Analyst for the United Nations Development Program, as well as at numerous San Francisco area environmental non-profits in research and communications roles. Adam was a member of the CDL from 2010 until 2012, when he received his M.A. from Brown’s Center for Environmental Studies.

mlevinsonMichelle Levinson joined the CDL in 2010 and attended the UNFCCC COP16 in Cancun. Michelle’s International Relations background informed her focus on the dynamics underlying the negotiating positions of member nations. Currently she is a Research Associate at NextGen Climate Action, an environmental PAC in San Francisco. During college she spent summers with both The Nature Conservancy and the US Department of Justice. After graduating from Brown in 2011, Michelle spent a year teaching English in Spain before joining the Natural Resources Defense Council as a Litigation Program Assistant in Washington, DC.

ProfpicGraciela Kincaid is a Product Associate at TripAdvisor.  She is a Brown grad of the class of 2012, and received her B.A. in International Relations.  After being inspired by Professors Caroline Karp and Stephen Porder, she pursued the intersection between international relations and environmental studies through her research, designing an UTRA with Timmons Roberts to study international climate finance policy.  She traveled to Durban for COP17.  Her UTRA research continued for two more years.  Graciela is co-author of the article No Talk, Some Walk: Obama Administration Rhetoric on Climate Change and its International Climate Budget Commitments with Timmons Roberts, published in the leading journal Global Environmental Politics.

Ceci Headshot (2)Cecilia Pineda is an Environmental Studies graduate from Brown University, where she studied internal climate negotiations, climate justice, and environmental education. Cecilia participated in the CDL from 2010-2012 and attended the UNFCCC COPs 16 and 17 in Cancun, Mexico and Durban, South Africa.  Currently she is a Program Assistant with Global Workers Justice Alliance, where she advocates for workers rights for transnational migrants from Mexico and Central America. Most recently, she worked as a Development & Communications Associate at Green City Force, a green workforce development program for young NY public housing residents.  Outside of her work, Cecilia community organizes with the Audre Lorde Project and volunteers with an urban farm in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.


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