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Climate Finance at COP19: A Post-Mortem

By Alexis Durand 


Photo: Push Europe

Activists lay down in the halls of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland last week, forming the letters “W.T.F.” with their bodies.  The letters stood for “Where’s The Finance?,” and their message was clear – the failure to revamp the funding to help developing countries green their economies and prepare for climate change impacts had turned the conference into a deep disappointment.

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Can EU and Latin America and the Caribbean lead the way towards a climate deal in 2015?

By Paola Eisner and Keith Madden 

Dilma Merkel

As the deadline for reaching a new global climate deal draws nearer, pressure is mounting on the international community to take definitive action. While the global scientific consensus hardens on the need to drastically reduce emissions to limit average temperature rise to 2 degrees, countries question whether it will be possible to come together by 2015.

With just two years on the clock, leadership is urgently needed. The EU-LAC Foundation’s new report makes the case for how existing relations and common goals between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean can serve as a solid foundation to build momentum towards a fair, robust and ambitious agreement on climate change in 2015.

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