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We Need Another Mexico: Pressure on Peru as Poland’s COP19 Fails to Deliver

By Guy Edwards and Timmons Roberts

Lima. Guy EdwardsIn the 11th hour of its final day, it appears that COP19 in Warsaw is barely avoiding being a complete flop. With a difficult task to keep on track the fragile roadmap agreed to in Durban at COP17 towards a new climate deal in 2015, the Polish presidency of the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) has failed to bring together the global North and South to collectively address the climate change crisis.

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A new EU/Latin America and the Caribbean coalition for climate change

By Guy Edwards and Timmons Roberts 


A new coalition between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) could be just the ticket to rejuvenate the UN climate change negotiations as they enter their third decade next week in Warsaw. This bi-regional partnership can serve as a vehicle to build momentum towards a fair, robust and ambitious agreement. All EU and LAC countries have expressed their will to adopt a new agreement by 2015, and surveys have repeatedly shown that their citizens are very concerned about climate impacts.

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“A Collective Commitment”? Nailing down Climate Finance in Cancun and Durban

By J. Timmons Roberts & Martin Stadelmann*This article was originally posted on OUTREACH

The surprisingly positive conclusion at Cancun was as much about the process as the substance of the two key texts that are now in place to advance the negotiations over the next year leading to Durban.   There were standing ovations at the transparent and inclusive process that brought the year of negotiations to a close, putting some of the bad feelings of Copenhagen behind us.

However on the crucial details of climate finance, we are scarcely any further along, apart from some progress in establishing initial institutions for the new Green Climate Fund and enhancing transparency. In spite of many concerns expressed throughout the year, deeply problematic language was copied verbatim into the Cancun Agreements from the Copenhagen Accord text.  An opportunity was lost to clarify what has been agreed in Copenhagen. Continue reading

Latin America and Climate Change: Regional Perspectives on a Global Problem


On Friday 8th April Brown University will present a conference on “Latin America and Climate Change: Regional Perspectives on a Global Problem,” with key note speeches by former Chilean president and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, Ricardo Lagos and ex- Brazilian Minister for the Environment, Marina Silva. Continue reading

An Incredible Gift

By Kelly Rogers
Global natural gas supply provides incredible potential for a transportation revolution in Latin America, a message highlighted at an event in Cancun, co-hosted by the Worldwatch Institute and theInternational Gas Union.

According to BP, Latin America provides some 5.5% of the world’s natural gas and is estimated to hold at least 6% of its natural gas reserves. Continue reading

The Patient is Alive: A Turning Point for Multilateralism at Cancun?

By J. Timmons Roberts

6:23 am, the surgery is shut down, the patient, multilateralism, once given up for dead, is alive and showing signs of what might be a remarkable recovery.

A year ago in Copenhagen, nearly all faith in the United Nations system to address climate change was gone.  Secret drafts of agreements by the Danish president were leaked out, and the final Copenhagen Accord was penned by an exclusive group of just five nations, who forced the other 186 nations to simply sign on to their deal. Continue reading