Books & Special Issues

2007 A Climate of Injustice: Global Inequality, North-South Politics, and Climate Policy.  MIT Press.

By J. Timmons Roberts and Bradley C. Parks


1-s2.0-S0305750X11X00104-cov150h2011  Expanding Our Understanding of Aid with a New Generation in Development Finance Information.
Special Issue of World Development.  Vol 39, Issue 11, pages 1891-2054 (12 articles)

Edited by J. Timmons Roberts, Darren Hawkins and Michael Findley.

2008  Greening Aid?  Explaining Environmental Foreign Assistance.

Oxford: Oxford University Press.

By Robert Hicks, Bradley Parks, J. Timmons Roberts, and Michael Tierney


1498.cover2008  Climate change and the fate of the Amazon

Special Issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Vol. 363, No. 1498 / May 27 2008: p. 1727-1932 (27 articles).

Edited by Yadvinder Malhi, Richard Betts and Timmons Roberts.

2003   Trouble in Paradise: Globalization and Environmental Crises in Latin America.

London: Routledge publishers

By J. Timmons Roberts and Nikki Thanos


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