The CDL’s policy briefings and scholarly articles from 2013


The following post provides a list of the CDL’s latest policy reports and scholarly articles published in 2013:

Scholarly Articles

2013 “No Talk, but Some Walk: The Obama Administration’s First Term Rhetoric on Climate Change and its International Climate Budget Commitments.” Graciela Kincaid and J. Timmons Roberts. Global Environmental Politics 13(4) November, 2013. Available online here.

2013 “The impact of climate change on human security in Latin America and the Caribbean” Úrsula Oswald Spring, Hans Günter Brauch, Guy Edwards and J. Timmons Roberts in Climate change and Human Security Handbook, Michael Redclift and Marco Grasso (eds.) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. More information available here.

2013 The Politics of International Climate Adaptation Funding: Justice and Divisions in the Greenhouse.” David Ciplet, J. Timmons Roberts, and Mizan Khan. Global Environmental Politics, 12(2).

2013 “The Climate and Development Lab: An Experiment in Engaged Education for Global Just Sustainability” Ciplet, David, Timmons Roberts and Guy Edwards Journal of Sustainability of Education, Available online

2013 Adaptation and International Climate Policy.” Mizan Khan and J. Timmons Roberts. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews—WIREs–Climate ChangeVolume 4, Issue 3, pages 171–189, May/June 2013.

2013 “Towards a Binding Adaptation Regime: Three Levers and Two Instruments.” Mizan Khan and J. Timmons Roberts. In Suzanne Moser and Maxwell Boykoff, Successful Adaptation to Climate Change. (London: Routledge Publishers). 2013.

Policy Briefings: 

“A burden to share? Addressing unequal climate impacts in the Least Developed Countries.” David Ciplet, Timmons Roberts, Pa Ousman, Achala Abeysinghe, Alexis Durand, Daniel Kopin, Olivia Santiago, Keith Madden, Sophie Purdom. November 2013. Briefing Paper. International Institute for Environment and Development.

The EU and Latin America and the Caribbean: Paving the Road towards a New Global Climate Change Agreement in 2015?“ Edwards, Guy and Timmons Roberts. Policy Brief, EU-LAC Foundation, November, 2013.

“A Fair Compromise to Break the Climate Impasse: A Major Economies Forum Approach to Emissions Reductions Budgeting.”  Marco Grasso and J. Timmons Roberts.  Global Views Policy Briefing, The Brookings Institution.  Washington, April 2013

“Least Developed, Most Vulnerable: Risks and Opportunities of Fast Start Climate Finance and Beyond for the LDCs.” David Ciplet, Timmons Roberts, Spencer Fields, Keith Madden, and Mizan Khan.  Policy Briefing, European Capacity Building Initiative/Oxford Climate Policy, March 2013.



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