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How can Peru make next year’s climate summit a success?

By Guy Edwards and Timmons Roberts 

Machu Picchu

As delegates begin to reflect on the limited success of the UN Climate Change negotiations in Warsaw which ended last week, eyes are now turning optimistically to Peru as the incoming president of COP20 in 2014.

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Corporate Influences Silence Voices Demanding Progress at COP19

By Bryna Cofrin-Shaw


At 5 pm on November 23rd, 2013, the Warsaw stadium hosting this year’s UN Climate Conference, COP19,  erupted in applause. The room, packed with party delegates and observers who had already worked through the final night and into the next evening showed enormous relief that some progress had been made. The progress in question? To adopt a future mitigation agenda “inviting” parties to initiate “preparations” for intended nationally determined contributions. In other words, No emissions targets, no pledge and review process, not even commitments.

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We Need Another Mexico: Pressure on Peru as Poland’s COP19 Fails to Deliver

By Guy Edwards and Timmons Roberts

Lima. Guy EdwardsIn the 11th hour of its final day, it appears that COP19 in Warsaw is barely avoiding being a complete flop. With a difficult task to keep on track the fragile roadmap agreed to in Durban at COP17 towards a new climate deal in 2015, the Polish presidency of the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) has failed to bring together the global North and South to collectively address the climate change crisis.

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Small islands negotiating for survival at climate talks

By Olivia Santiago 


With the onset of sea level rise and increase in extreme weather events, entire island nations face extermination. Islands in the Pacific Ocean are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and are some of the first countries being forced to migrate from their homeland.

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Grey Skies in Warsaw: the UNFCCC Climate Change Negotiations Enter Their Second Week

By Timmons Roberts and Claire Langley 


The winter skies were a dim grey as the second and final week began at the United Nations climate change negotiations in Warsaw, Poland.  Sadly, the hopes for an ambitious global effort to address the grave risks of a destabilized climate look similarly dim. 

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