Latin America and Climate Change: Regional Perspectives on a Global Problem


On Friday 8th April Brown University will present a conference on “Latin America and Climate Change: Regional Perspectives on a Global Problem,” with key note speeches by former Chilean president and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, Ricardo Lagos and ex- Brazilian Minister for the Environment, Marina Silva.

Panelists including climate change experts from Latin America, Brown faculty and students will discuss how Latin America is quietly turning into a game changer in many aspects of the international climate negotiations. However, over the nearly twenty years of negotiations, very little has been reported in journalistic and academic circles about their positions, approaches, and impact.

This conference will shed light on their positions and perspectives by exploring how and why Latin America matters for climate politics and our future.  Additional themes to be discussed include a description of the emerging Latin American agendas for coping with global warming and Latin American relations with the US on climate and energy issues.

The keynote speeches alongside an event summary will be available on this blog early next week. For more details on the event click here. The full program can be viewed after the jump.

Event Program:

9:00: Welcome and Session 1: The Big Picture

Welcome and Introductory Remarks: Matthew Gutmann
, Vice President for International Affairs; Richard Snyder, Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; and Timmons Roberts, Director, Center for Environmental Studies

9:15 Keynote Address: Ricardo Lagos, Former President of Chile, UN Special Envoy for Climate Change: “Why Climate Change Matters for Latin America”

10:00 Keynote Address: Marina Silva, Former Minister of the Environment and Former Senator, Government of Brazil: “Sustainable Development in the Context of Climate Change”

11:00-11:15: Coffee Break


11:15-1:00: Session 2: Processing Cancun: The Brown Report on the Cancun Climate Change Conference
Chair:  Richard Snyder, Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Brown University

“The Brown Report on the Cancun Climate Change Conference”: Arielle Balbus, Emily Kirkland, Adam Kotin, Spencer Lawrence, Michelle Levinson, Cecilia Pineda and Kelly Rogers, Brown University

Monica Araya,  Senior Associate, E3G, UK and Advisor to the Ministry of Environment of Costa Rica: “The Squeezed Middle: Why Latin America Matters for Climate Politics and Our Future”

Virgilio Viana, Former Secretary of State for Environment and Sustainable Development, Government of Brazil, and current Director General of the Amazon Sustainability Foundation

2:00-3:15: Session 3: The Economics of Climate Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation in Latin America

Chair: Andrew Foster, Department of Economics, Brown University

Jose Luis Samaniego, Director, Division for Sustainable Development and Human Settlings, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC): “The Economi

cs of Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Luis Miguel Galindo,  Chief of Climate Change Unit, ECLAC and Coordinator of ECLAC’s Economics of Climate Change Study in Mexico: “Emission Scenarios for Latin America, 2010-2050”

Antonio Hill, Regional Advocacy and Campaigns Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean, Oxfam, Colombia: “Slow Boil: How Colombia and other Latin American States are Responding to the Permanent Emergency of Vulnerability and Climate Hazards”

3:15-3:45: Coffee Break

3:45-5:30: Session 4: Land Use, Climate Change and the Amazon
Chair: Timmons Roberts, Director, Center for Environmental Stud

ies, Brown University

Jose Carlos Orihuela, Watson Institute for International Studies, B

rown University: “Development and Conservation in the Era of Climate Change: The Brazilian and Andean Paths”

Salo Coslovsky, New York University: “Coase in the Forest: How to Combine Environmental Protection and Economic Growth”
Paulo Barreto, IMAZON (Brazil), “Will Cattle Ranching Continue to Drive Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon?”

Leah VanWey, Department of Sociology, Brown University: “Linkages and Disconnects between People and Land Use Change in Brazil”

Chris Neill, Marine Biological Laboratory: “Linking Land Use, Fire and Climate in the Amazon”

5:30-6:30 Reception, Watson Institute Lobby



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