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Temperature’s Rising: Building Trust around Climate Action

With an upcoming April conference on Governing Climate Change at the Watson Institute, Professor Timmons Roberts talks about the importance of building trust among nations. He hopes that the conference will provide delegates a space to set the groundwork for a global agreement on greenhouse gas reductions in 2015. The focus of the conference will be Latin America’s leadership and its role during the United Nations negotiations.

By Wendy Lawton

Our planet is warming, the seas are rising, the weather is more savage and unpredictable. Beyond a doubt, science shows that the climate is changing and the changes are human-generated. Yet 17 years after the Kyoto Protocol, there is no new global climate change action plan.

The trouble? A “trust deficit,” Timmons Roberts says.

Poor countries don’t trust wealthy nations to keep their promises about reducing carbon emissions and increasing foreign aid. At the same time, wealthy countries don’t always trust poorer ones with that aid. The money, some mutter, will be wasted.

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Brown Professor and CDL Founder Wins Prestigious Frederick H. Buttel Award

By Olivia Santiago

Second weekers

Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology and CDL founder, J. Timmons Roberts, will be receiving the Frederick H. Buttel Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Environmental Sociology this summer in Japan. The International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on Environment and Society makes this award only every four years, making for a very competitive selection.  

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